Steve Meyer

Steve Meyer has over twenty years of experience deploying innovative, state-of-the-art communications networks. He has worked on projects ranging from research institution networks to ISP backbones.

Mr. Meyer’s skills span both the theoretical and operational aspects of communications networks: he can accurately assess customer needs and correlate them to available technologies in a cost-efficient and timely manner, while his hands-on experience with large production networks fosters a pragmatic approach to ensuring the finished product is manageable. An exceptional and methodical network troubleshooter, Steve is particularly adept at identifying switching and routing issues. His unique ability to visualize problems from both global and detailed views aids in quickly restoring system functionality. Steve constantly monitors customer feedback throughout a project to ensure organizational focus, and to achieve timely and successful completion. His disciplined approach to planning, deploying, testing and verifying initiatives minimizes the operational impact of changes before they lead to any potential problems.