Network Security Practice

Our Security Practice provides highly specialized, enterprise-wide security expertise to virtually every type of networking environment.  We offer policy-based exercises and reviews as well as hands-on implementation of changes in the network and security infrastructure.

Chesapeake NetCraftsmen's security consultants understand that security supports the network and business processes.  We work to achieve the desired security level while minimizing any impacts to functionality and performance by working with our clients to ensure that realistic, accurate requirements are defined and understood.  Once this is accomplished, appropriate security mechanisms can be defined, configured, and deployed.

In order to define which security components need to be installed and where, our consultants first learn how your network and systems are used to support your business.  Then we assess how an adversary can use this against you with our model adversary methodology.  This technique helps to identify the true vulnerabilities that can impact your business.

Chesapeake NetCraftsmen's network team including three Security CCIEs has earned the Cisco Advanced Security Specialization status based on our demonstrated expertise and having fulfilled the Advanced Secuirty Specialization training requirements and program prerequisites.

Our approach is a working partnership with the customer that can extend from initial planning and design, through the successful phased deployment, to recommendations for ongoing management of the network to support your business processes. NetCraftsmen consultants are trained to be an integral part of your security team, leveraging industry best practices with your organizational goals and objectives.  We can help you define what you have, what you want to support, and which technologies you need to implement or optimize given your requirements and environment.  Chesapeake NetCraftsmen applies skills, experience and diligence to ensure that your network infrastructure is optimally supporting your business continuity requirements

Customer education is a primary component of every Chesapeake NetCraftsmen engagement. Consultative training with your organization becomes particularly crucial for network security, since proper security requires thinking beyond the vulnerability scans and component configurations: it must extend to protecting the business processes.

We build high-quality knowledge transfer into every engagement. Some of our many articles and blogs on network infrastructure topics are available in the Network Security Articles and Blogs area.