Terry Slattery at Enterprise Connect 2012


Terry Slattery, Principal Consultant at Chesapeake NetCraftsmen and CCIE #1026, will be a speaker at three sessions at Enterprise Connect Orlando 2012.

The sessions are:

How To Keep Video From Blowing Up Your Network

Terry will be presenter during a technical breakout on How To Keep Video From Blowing Up Your Network on Monday, March 26, 2012 at 3:15 pm.


Everyone expects video traffic to continue to grow within the enterprise, but for those running the communications network, this trend is potentially dangerous. Especially in the case of ad hoc video usage like Skype and YouTube, end user video usage is not being centrally rolled out, managed, and controlled. But even when video is a part of a controlled rollout—say, of a Unified Communications portal like Microsoft Lync—you may not have a clear sense of how much video will actually be used. So do you overprovision the network, possibly devoting more resources than are needed? Or do you risk a situation where video traffic swamps the network and hinders the performance of mission-critical applications? In this session, we’ll offer suggestions to help you walk the fine line of provisioning for video in a world where video’s future is still in flux.


  • What are all the potential sources of video traffic in your network, and how do you get visibility on what traffic generators are a real factor in your enterprise?
  • Who should you be in regular contact with across the enterprise, so that you won’t be surprised by sudden spikes in video usage?
  • How might mobile video affect traffic load on your network—both from devices using your WLAN, and from traffic originating in the cellular network but traversing onto your corporate LAN/WAN?
  • If you do find your network hit by unpredictable spikes of video traffic, what do you do to remediate?


QoS & Network Design for Converged Networks

Terry will be one of the speakers during a three-hour workshop on QoS and Network Design for Converged Networks on Wednesday, March 28, 2012 at 2:30 pm.


As we enter the era of truly converged networks, the ground-rules for network design are changing. Pervasive use of Voice over IP (VoIP) and video conferencing drive new requirements for how the LAN and WAN are provisioned, configured, monitored and managed.

This workshop will provide an overview of network design issues for a combined voice, video and data network and will delve into the details of Quality of Service (QoS), bandwidth management, network reliability and monitoring approaches. The tutorial will provide a detailed review of the design issues, techniques for overcoming them, and the specific technologies and practices that are required to make real-time traffic and applications run efficiently and at acceptable quality across your local and wide-area enterprise network.


  • What is required to deliver adequate QoS for voice and video on any local and wide-area IP networks that previously handled only data?
  • What services do I need from my WAN vendor to support voice and video? What is an appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA)?
  • Can you run VoIP or video over the Internet with acceptable QoS/quality of experience (QoE)?
  • How do I classify traffic in the network to ensure voice and video are treated correctly without opening my network up to overutilization by unauthorized endpoints?
  • How do you extend your upgrade to serve mobile workers?
  • What tools are needed for testing and monitoring a converged network with voice and video?
  • How can I manage the huge bandwidth demand that desktop and mobile video will cause on my enterprise network?

Network Test Tools for Voice and Video

Terry will be leading a one-hour presentation on Network Test Tools on Thursday, March 29, 2011 at 8 am.


Real-time traffic (voice and video) demands a network that delivers low latency, low packet loss and low jitter. This network is not easy to accomplish. The dynamic character of modern networks, and the growing requirement for highly distributed configurations can lead to errors in design or implementation that cause quality problems for voice and video applicationss.

Therefore, a new breed of testing methodologies and tools is required to test / monitor converged networks and to isolate problems. This session will analyze and categorize these tools, and list vendors that provide the different kinds of solutions needed to manage today’s complex networks.


  • Why are new tools required to support voice and video conferencing?
  • Why can’t I use the tools that have been serving me well for years?
  • What features are required in these tools for managing and monitoring real-time networks?
  • Who are the vendors and what types of tools to they offer?


The 20 year-old VoiceCon conference has changed its name to Enterprise Connect to reflect the multi-faceted, multi-media communications world in which we all live. Enterprise communications includes voice, video and data media.


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