May 2010 C-MUG (Cisco Mid-Atlantic User Group) on Unified Communication

May 18: Unified Communications was the theme at the May 18, 2010 C-MUG session. The main presentation by David Hailey, Sr. Consultant, looked at types of voice messaging deployments with a focus on Unity Connection.The main topics in the presentation included:

  • types of voice messaging deployments including Cisco's product of choice for each deployment type
  • why customers are choosing Unity Connection for new installs as well as migrating to Unity Connection
  • a technical overview of Unity Connection
  • example migration from Unity to Unity Connection using Cisco's specialized COBRAS Migration tools

In addition to this presentation, there was a follow-up UC Panel that responded to questions on Unified Communications topics.

For a PDF of the presentation, please download the icon Cisco Unity Connection Migration PDF (1.47 MB).

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