802.11 Wireless and Wireless Project Planning

At the November 2009 Cisco Mid-Atlantic Users Group (C-MUG) session, Dr. Peter J. Welcher from Chesapeake NetCraftsmen discussed "802.11 Wireless and Wireless Project Planning". His talk covered the following topics:

  • Motivation for installing 802.11 WLAN (WiFi) and VoWLAN (VoWiFi)
  • How the project flow and tasks differ slightly from what you might expect
  • Typical traffic flows in a Cisco WLAN network that are useful for troubleshooting
  • Listing of useful wireless books and links (URLs)

This presentation provided a sampling some of Pete's recent wirelss seminar slides, and included a short demo of using the Cisco Spectrum Management Tool (former Cognio) for interference detection.

The PDF of the slides may be found at icon 802.11 Wireless and Wireless Project Planning. (1.7 MB).